The Night Comes Alive at Casa Vittore Cafe

The Night Comes Alive at Casa Vittore Cafe

Check out Yakima, Washington’s Mexican bistro and lounge

If you’re tired of the normal club scene, come to a classy, European-inspired lounge for a night of fun. Casa Vittore Cafe has a full bar, but we’re best known for our Latin dancing. Whether you’re out for a night with the girls or you’re on a first date, you’re bound to have a blast. The music and the lights create an exhilarating atmosphere. Don’t miss out! Casa Vittore Cafe has locations in Yakima, Washington and Colima, Mexico.

Call 509-452-8329 to learn more.

We’re more than just a Yakima coffee shop

During the day, Casa Vittore Cafe serves a variety of crepes, tortas and beverages. When the weekend arrives, our regulars can teach you how to:

  • Cumbia
  • Meringue
  • Salsa
We’re always busy on the weekends, and the party lasts all night – so bring your friends along for an evening to remember. Spice up your plans when you visit Yakima or Colima’s preferred local bistro.