• Yakima, Washington

    212 East Yakima Avenue
    Yakima, WA 98901


    Call Us
    Phone: (509) 452-8329

    Mon: 8am-2pm
    Tue: 11am-3pm
    Wed: 11am-3pm
    Thu: 11am-3pm
    Fri: 11am-3pm, 7pm-2am
    Sat: 7pm-2am

  • Colima, Mexico

    Avenida Felipe Sevilla Del Rio 144
    Colima, Mexico 28010


    Call Us
    Phone: 312-31-228-28

    Mon: 8am-2pm
    Tue: 8am-2pm and 5pm-midnight
    Wed: 8am-2pm and 5pm-midnight
    Thu: 8am-2pm and 5pm-midnight
    Fri: 8am-2pm and 5pm-midnight
    Sat: 8am-2pm and 5pm-midnight
    Sun: 8am-2pm and 5pm-midnight

Upgrade Your Bistro Experience in Yakima, Washington

Casa Vittore Cafe is a lively coffee shop and traditional Mexican restaurant based in Yakima, WA. We also have another location in Colima, Mexico. You’ll love the ambience of our dance lounge and bistro. The conversation is wonderful, but once the Latin music starts to play, everyone wants to salsa. Call 509-452-8329 for more information about nightlife in Yakima.